Monday, January 19, 2009

I Do Stream January Update: Webcasting Obama's Inauguration

I'd like to wish you Happy New Year! We all know 2009 is going to be a
challenging year.
What can you do to generate enough business to get through this tough
environment? Should you spend more money on marketing? Should you try to
conserve cash by cutting expenses or should you come up with new innovative
services that will also save money for your customers?

We at I Do Stream want to let you know we are here to help. We've opted
to expand awareness of live webcasting services to brides. We've signed
up to be listed with for most major markets under the category
unique wedding services.

As brides find us we will refer them to you, our partners, to perform the
actual onsite live webcast of their special day. And to help with this
tough economic climate, we will not charge you a referral fee, for now.

This win-win situation, will allow you to generate additional revenue by
offering a new innovative service that will also save money for your
customers. How does it save money for your customers you ask? If
customers are cancelling videography services or skipping it altogether,
you are giving them an alternative that is less expensive and can serves
two purposes. You give them an unedited copy of their event and at the
same time they're able to webcast their special event live.

We also don't just do live wedding broadcasts. We can broadcast any
event. As a matter of fact, one of our videographer partners is going to
be present at one of Obama's inauguration balls on Tuesday night and will
be broadcasting live back to a select few viewers in Georgia. So take out
your rolodex (I mean PDA, :) ) and start calling your customers about your
new exciting offering.

But before you do that, make sure you schedule a test session with us if
you haven't already done so. Not only will this certify you as our
webcast partner but will make you feel much more comfortable with the
entire process. And we've made the process extremely simple as you'll
find out.

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