Saturday, July 7, 2012

Technology at Weddings is Here to Stay

Photo Credit: jez.atkinson

I Do Stream was featured in a Boston Globe article about the rise of technology at weddings. From our favorite wedding technology -- live streaming, of course! -- to DJ packages that include large screens with live text messaging displayed, to live wedding tweets, technology has entered the wedding world and it's here to say. While the article discusses some of the negatives surrounding too much technology at weddings -- guests making inappropriate texts that appear on the big screen, too many camera phones getting in the way of the professional photographer -- we believe I Do Stream's live broadcasting is one wedding technology that provides a consummate experience for both the married couple and the guests viewing the wedding live.

I Do Stream's Phil Ly discussed some of the trials and solutions he has experienced:

"Even as traditionalists decry the high-tech intrusion and the reality-TV-ification of weddings, at least one thing has not changed: The stress of getting to the wedding on time. Many couples who live stream their weddings do so for the benefit of elderly relatives — the very people who often have trouble getting onto the Internet.

I Do Stream, in Tolland, Conn., offers a customer support live chat service to help with technical difficulties, and things can get “emotional” when a wedding’s about to start and people can’t log on, said managing partner Philip Ly.

“It’s simple stuff,” he said. “They typed in the wrong password, or they have a firewall that prevents them from watching, or they have a virus and they don’t know it.” He recalled one particularly tense moment. “A parent called and he was really mad. He’s like, ‘You guys are making me miss my son’s wedding.’ It turned out he had his caps lock on. Everything was in upper case.”

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I Do Stream's live chat support and monitoring during the broadcast ensures a smooth experience for everyone.

The story from the article ended up having a happy ending -- the wedding was running late, so the Father of the Groom turned off his caps lock and didn't miss a thing!