Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 2008: News and Updates

This news update from I Do Stream will cover the following topics:
  • Live streaming Videographer partner locator
  • Monthly live streaming rates available
  • I Do Stream to be featured in Brides Connecticut Magazine

- Live streaming videographer partner locator

We've now added a locator tool for brides to search our network of partner videographers. Some of you may have already received calls from Brides looking to do a live broadcast of their wedding. Our goal is to keep adding partners and refer business to you. We want to create a win-win situation for both of us. We will be increasing our advertising campaigns. As more brides come to us we will be referring them to you. If you have not already scheduled a test session with us please send us an email and we'll be happy to setup a time slot for you. Take time now to familiarize yourself with our software and process. See the quality for yourself and then you will be prepared to answer any questions the brides throw at you about live broadcasting.

Currently, our locator directory contains a link directly to your website. The link will stay there for the next 3 months. We ask in return that you add a reciprocal link on your own website to our site. More reciprocal links will help all of us get more visibility within search engines.

- Monthly live streaming rates available.

Some of you already take advantage of our monthly rates to do weekly church sermons or monthly town hall meetings. We have monthly rates available depending on your need and level of support required. Please call us today for a customized quote.

-I Do Stream to be featured in Brides Connecticut Magazine

There will be an article about I Do Stream coming out in June for the Fall/Winter issue of Brides Connecticut Magazine. We are working hard to get noticed in the media. Again, as Brides come to us, we will refer them to you. They may also be coming to you directly from our partner locator directory. So get ready and be prepared!

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