Thursday, November 20, 2008

Live webcasting: Appealing in this tough economy?

The uncertainty about the economy has affected businesses large and small. Even the wedding industry is not immune. Just last week driving down the highway, I heard a feature story on the radio about brides scaling back on weddings. Brides were upset because guests have declined their wedding invitations due to the tough economic times. Brides may eliminate services or may even have problems paying for certain services because the mutual funds that their parents saved for their wedding are no longer worth enough to cover the costs. The wedding business is thought to be recession proof, but I don't think it is. Obviously the industry can not die entirely, but it seems to me that brides are cutting back. Or at least they think they should be.

We know that folks are cutting back on travel. Airfares are high, hotels are expensive, even the cost of gas is prohibitive for wedding guests. Guests who don’t attend the wedding probably won’t send a gift. It’s a losing scenario all the way around. Offer brides the option of a live webcast. This can be in addition to your standard package or offered as a stand alone; a webcast option for the budget conscious bride. Offer the live webcast with an unedited DVD at a cost that even the most frugal bride can’t turn down. Highlight the benefits of the live webcast package, reduced cost over your standard wedding package, the guest list can be
trimmed and most importantly no one has to miss the wedding! This will be an opportunity that every bride will find hard to pass up!

In addition, companies large and small are cutting back on travel and face to face meetings. They’re cutting costs by hosting conference calls and online meetings. However, management still needs a way to stay in touch and rally remote employees. If you’ve got corporate clients, mention to them that you offer live webcasting. You may be surprised at their response.

We’ve seen an increase in our business. You should benefit from this too.

If you haven’t done so, schedule a free test session with us to make sure you’re ready to perform a live webcast when the time comes.

News flash:
We’ve released a new version of the I Do Stream broadcast software. You can now do a live webcast using either windows media or H.264 using flash.

And in the coming weeks we’ll be releasing an event management control panel for you to easily schedule and management any live webcasts you do through us. Stay tuned!